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About Easy Net Disrupt

Let's Start with Why!

Simple. We are on a mission to grow leaders. For us a leader can be anyone,  leadership is about taking responsibility, about taking action, about doing your best work, about striving for excellence.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple too.

We continually look for speakers, trainers, doers who has a message worth sharing. We bring you world class conferences / seminars to inspire, motivate, rethink, disrupt the status quo.

We are here to grow disruptive leaders.

Our goal is to be the leading Professional Conference Organizers in the region.

Our Background


We are disruptors ourselves, we are part of a group of disruptive organisations. Our sister company, Easy Net is one of the most transformative enterprise technology firms operating in Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles. In the Last 5 Years, we have implemented ERP & Business Management Technologies for a portfolio of 150+ Organisations, in Financial Services, Government, Top 100, SMEs, Manufacturing, Hotels and so much more.

Tally : Enterprise Class ERP product powering 1.6 Million Businesses around the world represented by Easy Net

North Bayou : World Leading brand of Ergonomic Mounts for Offices & Home represented by End to End Solution

ZKTeco : World Leading brand of Security, Access Control and Retail Hardware represented by End to End Solution

Our Team

Our team is made of professionals with background in Management and Marketing. Our Goal is to provide you a world class conference experience; Immersive with Lights & Sound, Smooth & Convenient Registration, Great Speakers who will motivate you to take your game to the next level, in venues which a refuels and inspire you.

Easy Net was founded with main purpose to simplify businesses with software & Tech. Simplicity brings a massive transformation in how an organisation operates and serves its customers, which is the whole essence on what Business Disruption is. Business Disruption is about challenging the status quo. With Disrupt we intend to spread this mindset to a whole another scale.

– Reekesh Reetun
Founder & CEO of Easy Net.